Number of audio files Available inhouse Publicly available
36,292 36,288 620

Requests for a digital copy of an audio recording that is not in the Sound library should be sent to tonogmyndsafn (at) landsbokasafn.is
The following information must be included to ensure that the correct recording will be copied:
Title, artist, publisher and publication year. This information is available on leitir.is

At this time it is only possible to request a digital copy of CDs and compact cassettes.
When requested recordings are available in the Sound library the person who sent the request will be notified by email.

The National and University Library of Iceland
Arngrimsgata 3 - 107 Reykjavik
Tel: 525 5600
Fax: 525 5615
Email: landsbokasafn (hj�) landsbokasafn.is